Crowbars for Kids

This is post 1 of a 30-day WriteStreak challenge. When my brother and I were 6 & 7, Mom & Dad handed us adult-sized steel crowbars. Together the 4 of us gleefully demolished the interior of one end of our home. Plaster, dust, nails, and boards flew about Mom’s sewing room. Jimmy & I were … More Crowbars for Kids

Knots Come Loose

Oh I don’t think I would be very good at yoga; I am not flexible.  I smile and hope to encourage you to give it a try.  I say, You don’t need to be flexible,  you are already “good” just showing up for yoga practice. The results in overall well-being are worth the effort.   I … More Knots Come Loose


Dedication: Thank you, Mom, for teaching me how to float on my back and swim, and for smartly sending me to private swim lessons to make sure I could handle the open water.  I Love You. I don’t bother to count laps or rhythmic strokes. Bilateral moves dissolve those silly notions. Time stretches out here. A clarity … More Swim