I’m Lanessa, a scientist by training who loves to read, to paint with my fingers, and eat with my hands.  At several points earlier in my career I did actually test or work with water:  as an environmental microbiologist running microbial and chemical analyses on municipal, surface, and commercial waste waters; as a volunteer micropropogating shoal grass and transplanting it from test tubes to coconut mats for a habitat restoration effort, Project GreenShores;  as a part-time field associate scientist for a wetland science and ecological consulting business.  These days I apply holistic systems thinking to help teams deliver software that delights customers.

These facts pushed me to create this space:

  • I have a Trello board that has grown to over 100 writing ideas.
  • My bookshelves are home to 10+ books about writing.  That is a clear message to me to get busy!

This space is for my non-software related writing experiments…to play and to discover, What if I stopped thinking about writing and started doing it?  Writing helps me compost my experiences, clarify my thoughts, and sometimes takes me into unchartered internal terrain.  I grew up on the coast, on the brackish bays and salty Gulf, so I feel very at home in and around the water.  This element is the symbol of Spirit.  There you have it!  All these things together are how I came up with the name, sheteststhewater. 🙂

Photo: Qeywa Qocha Lake, Peru. Approximate altitude 13,000 feet. Taken by me in 2014.

P.S. My software testing blog is here.

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