This Must Be the Place

Home is where I want to be….Did I find you, or you find me?

-Talking Heads, This Must Be the Place

I am fine with there being no travel for awhile. I am fortunate to have a roof over my head, food, family, work, health. The pandemic has be appreciating things I hadn’t thought deeply enough about since I was traveling on vacation. Specifically hiking and camping. Packing up your house and food and being on the go everyday, walking for house & having only the essentials with me made me think about the shoes & socks on my feet, the people that assembled my socks & shoes, the people that grew the plants that went into the fibers that comprise these things. Things I tend to take for granted. I imagine there are lots more things, processes, I have taken for granted that will become apparent as the weeks and months roll.

I am fine at home. Hunter & I love to cook & listen to music. I like to shake off my work day also with some booty shaking, you know dancing. Nothing big or fancy, just my own little jig, while I prep dinner. This is not a booty shaker, but more of a groover. 2 versions for you. Hope you enjoy the tune. Good night. Be well.

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