Sunday with Sissay

My new favorite podcast is OnBeing Project‘s Poetry Unbound. I like that each episode is less than 10 minutes & in that span of time I am always transported. The poems linger with me for days and weeks. This is my post 5 of a 30-day WriteStreak challenge and the idea for this entry came from the March 2nd episode featuring Lemn Sissay’s Poem for What’s Overlooked.

In Pádraig Ó Tuama’s commentary he says, I think this poem presents us with the possibility of looking at our own lives, and looking at the things that we might have considered discardable in our lives, or looking at the ways within which we’ve been told that we’re discardable, and finding a way to enter into that with a defiant “I like.” What are the things we were told you can’t like, you shouldn’t like, you shouldn’t be like that?

When I was a little girl, let’s pretend I said (or maybe even shouted with a smile) these things back to my peers & teachers when I was told I was anything less than cool just as I was. 😉

  • I like that I am homely.
  • I like that boys do not notice or like me.
  • I like that I do not wear name brand designer clothes.
  • I like that this 9th grade English homework assignment, a travel brochure for the state of New Mexico, was too flowery & apparently written so well that you thought I plagiarized it & thus gave me my 1st F.

Today’s musical accompaniment: Radiohead’s Stop Whispering

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