Yellow Gumbo

This is post 4 of a 30-day WriteStreak Challenge.

Lary, my 2-year old yellow lab officemate, grumbled pleadingly at me around 4:30pm Friday. It was past time for his daily afternoon 45-minute minimum stroll around the neighborhood.  Hunter, my husband, Lary’s steadfast walking buddy was away in town & I’d promised both of them I would not work another 10+hour day. Lary’s low grumble was positive pressure me to hold me to a decent transition into the weekend. 

You wanna go for a walk? He grinned and jumped up. I grabbed my car keys, not something I do often these days.  Now his 80 pounds were dancing with gusto. How about a change of scenery? We drove 10 minutes to an aging undeveloped, barely inhabited subdivision.  A nice-n-easy 1-mile paved loop in our coastal piney woods plain ecoregion.  Covid-19, work projects  & todo lists still dominating my thoughts, I tried to focus on my breathe, the sun, the scent of the pines & tall grasses.  I paused often to enjoy Lary’s taking in the world through his nose. 

As we rounded the 1st dry retention pond, a pretty yellow flowering weed caught my attention.  Yello is what my great grandmother would say when she answered the phone. This weed’s yellow was the same soft color of my childhood bedroom walls. That was it. I decided to focus on spotting yellow things on our walk. A meandering scavenger hunt to override busy brain. Below are 2-day’s walk’s worth of yellows. I am sure you kindly disregard my not-so-mad photography and assemblage skills.😉


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