My 3 Words for 2020

This is my first time doing a ritual I picked up from Chris Brogan. These words were catalyzed from my 2019 and serve as an internal compass for next year.

  • MOVEA body in motion, stays in motion, says Newton’s 1st law of motion. Keep the momentum from 2019 mentioned below. Explore my curiosities through action, 1 small step at a time, & see what unfolds. This is also about staying unstuck as much as possible.
  • FRAME noun, a structure or system that gives shape or support; verb, to conceive or design. I want to deepen my practice of building structure into my days focused on what is essential at work and what is essential for my well-being. This also means deepening the practice of the pause to consider sonder, my own & those with whom I am in conversation. It means strengthening my storytelling skills.
  • PLAY – Look at challenges through a playful lens of curiosity. Play more in general. Maybe paint more &\or learn to dance Salsa.

Thank you, 2019

I said “yes” to myself in 2019 in ways that surprised & delighted me. I learned that I could make time to paint for fun outside the confines I had previously created for myself. I completed the altMBA intensive workshop in March, which indeed helped me “level-up” even more in my work life & then some in life life. I became a LesMills BodyPump instructor. I learned that physically keeping strong keeps me balanced, too. It’s hard to be too much in your head, when you are having or leading a great workout. Also in the Art of Possibility department, my husband & I started the moving process. We are currently in between the house we sold in northwest Florida & the house we will build in Montana.

Hey, it is your turn? What are your 3 Words for 2020?

Lion Gulch Trail, Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado

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