West: Moab & Arches

September 11, 2016

From the Grand Canyon South Rim, we took US-160E and US-191N to Moab, Utah. Loved seeing the landscape change over the course of 320 miles and all of that sky. We arrived late afternoon and checked into Hotel Moab downtown and then took off for Arches National Park just north of town.

At the confluence of the Colorado River and the Moab Wash on the way to the park, we passed an environmental remediation project, Department of Energy Environmental Management UMTRA (Uranium Mill Tailing Remedial Action) Project 9. Since the project’s inception, 8 million tons of mine tailings have been extracted & shipped 32 miles north to Crescent Junction for disposal (storage).

It was late on a Sunday, the Park was not crowded with cars for our drive and stop and drive and stop at arches of choice. the lighting was nice in that the sun was low and there were clouds here and there. Deserts receive less than 10 inches of rainfall annually, so we felt it was magical to see this beauty, to experience rain and this rainbow during our visit.



We watched the sunset and headed out of the park at dusk with the windows down singing along to U2’s Joshua Tree album.

On the fuel front: Moab Brewery for some excellent tacos and local brew…a nice walk from our hotel. We loved “shots in the dark” from the friendly folks at Moab Coffee Roasters on our way out of town the next morning.

There are lots of adventurous things to do in Moab, but we were content with a simple drive through. Like Sedona, it was a quick stop along the way to our next multi-day destination, Colorado.


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