Dedication: Thank you, Mom, for teaching me how to float on my back and swim, and for smartly sending me to private swim lessons to make sure I could handle the open water.  I Love You.

I don’t bother to

count laps or rhythmic strokes.

Bilateral moves

dissolve those silly notions.

Time stretches out here.

A clarity surfaces

with each flip and turnover.

Tensions dissolve in

eddies whirling out from me.

Breath-powered bubbles.

Remember Delight, freedom.

With each push off the wall the

fluidity of

youth returns in here.

Remembering the lightness.

Though I stay in lanes indoors,

here it is always

outside on the bay and

Summertime with Mom and Bro.

We pretend we are

dolphins and launch ourselves off

of the dock wildly.





2 thoughts on “Swim

  1. Thank you, Hariod. It was fun practice. You played a role in its creation. While purchasing your book online (https://contentedness.net/) via Waterstones I came across & purchased “642 Tiny Things to Write About”. This little ditty came from a prompt to write a haiku about my favorite sport. I am looking forward to reading your book soon!

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