Get Back on that Horse

Show her you are the boss.  Don’t let that ornery thing scare you.  Get back on that horse.  

That’s what my parents said to me multiple times in the 1980’s whenever our cantankerous horse tested me.  The 1st incident was one spring morning in south Alabama when I was elementary school age. I sat in a western style saddle atop Brandi who was bridled, but not tethered, next to our swing set just outside the tackle shed.  Mom stepped into the shed to grab the horse brush as she assured me our beloved Equus ferus would stand still as long as I sat still.  At that moment Brandi took off across our 2 acres.  I pulled back on the reins, screaming Whoa! Whoa! crying and looking back at Mom and Dad running after us.  Brandi’s sprint ended by her own volition.  She halted abruptly one foot shy of Uncle Harvey’s closed metal barn next door.  It was probably a 15 second ordeal, but it felt like an eternity.  Dad, a former cowboy\ranch hand who broke and trained horses out west, promptly schooled her and put me back in the saddle later that day.

Brandi bucked and threw me off a couple more times before my teenage years when she’d become too old to ride.  Despite my weak-kneed trepidation, I would climb up into the saddle to resume our stroll around the pasture.  I was lucky to have not been physically injured when I was ejected.  She was not mad or crazy, but probably annoyed with me.  I would rather have been grazing, too, if I were in her 4 hooves.

I am presented with this relentless message, Get back on that horse,  in my role at work where I am learning daily.  – learning to recognize and overcome concave thoughts (fear, that ornery thing), learning to make decisions, learning that all of my experiences have more than prepared me to handle any situation that has me feeling as if I’ve just been thrown.

Thank you to each and everyone of you whose support and friendship helps me along the trail of life.  This (audio starts at 0:10) is for your listening pleasure –  a cowboy song that Dad liked to sing.  Whoopy – ty – yi – yeah y’all!

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