West: Time and Space

Highlights of things Floridians don’t often get to appreciate.  Notes from our time with family in Roswell, New Mexico, and stops along the way to the Grand Canyon 2016. NIGHT MOVES:  STUPID TIRED 9/3: We left Pensacola, FL, at 12:30 am after Mike got off work; he likes to drive at night and knew he would be too excited to sleep. … More West: Time and Space


Dedication: Thank you, Mom, for teaching me how to float on my back and swim, and for smartly sending me to private swim lessons to make sure I could handle the open water.  I Love You. I don’t bother to count laps or rhythmic strokes. Bilateral moves dissolve those silly notions. Time stretches out here. A clarity … More Swim

Twinkly-eyed Ladies

“Hello there,” I said as I slipped past the smelly plastic shower curtain blocking the doorway view of the local college aquatics center locker room last Saturday morning.  The smiling white-haired lady seated on the bench was taking off her shoes.  As I was about to warm up the shower to partake of my chlorine removal ritual… “Excuse me, can you … More Twinkly-eyed Ladies